Stars and Weather

At La Herpiniere we are blessed with dark skies with no light pollution. I have been interested in astronomy since I was a child and the night sky here is simply breathtaking. We have binoculars to share with guests who wish to marvel at the glory of the Milky Way or view other very interesting sights such as star clusters, planets and galaxies or even shooting stars to name but a few. So, if you're planning to visit us, this is yet something else for you to consider and enjoy!

I'm particularly looking forward to this months total lunar eclipse visible during the early hours of Monday 28th September. The event can be seen across Europe, weather permitting! So, rub the sleep from your eyes and have a look!

This brings me nicely to the other subject of the title for this latest blog - the weather. Deb and I have acquired a weather station so we can document our own micro climate here at La Herpiniere and we are becoming familiar with dew points, barometric pressure and maximum and minimum temperatures or, we can simply look out of the window and make a decision on what we can do for the day! It is interesting and we plan to keep you all in the know with how the weather is doing in our little corner of France. Well, looking outside now, it looks like I'll be out for a few hours of grass cutting!

a bientot!

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