Sunshine and Flowers

After a seemingly endless winter, our garden is now basking in glorious sunshine and Mother Nature has finally shaken off her overcoat!

Clear skies and warming days are opening the flowers and ripening the fruits around our garden.

We lost some apple trees during the wintertime and have planted more to compensate for them. Hopefully, it will be another bumper year, so get ready to be tempted by tasty jam and fruits as summer comes along

Debbie's tried her hand at renovating an old (very old!) wheelbarrow and filling it with geraniums, petunias and lobelia. I think you'll agree that she has done a fantastic job of it too.

We have many varieties of rhododendrons planted about La Herpiniere and they are looking superb at the moment as you can see.

It is a busy time for us ensuring that the garden looks its best and that our various shrubs and trees get their share of the limelight.

La Herpiniere is waiting for its next guests to enjoy the peace and tranquil setting of this beautiful place.

a bientôt!

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