2020 to March 2021 - Looking Forward

Sparkling winter days and crisp snow and ice have been reluctant to leave our part of Normandy, but at last it looks like Jack Frost is slowly getting the message from mother nature and slowly but surely, he is releasing his grip on the land.

We are particularly pleased with the show of snowdrops this year. We had a large and unsafe fir tree taken down a couple of years ago and the increase in sunlight onto our ancient cider press has encouraged the spread of these delicate and beautiful flowers. The 2021 blooms have taken a bow for another year and have given the stage over to daffodils!

Spring 2021 is here at last and the appearance of daffodils in the garden always makes us smile. The start of a new season and hopefully better times ahead for everyone. Whilst we may have been quiet on our blog for the past few months, we have been busy in our garden to ensure that La Herpiniere looks at its best for our guests.

We are feeling positive for the days and weeks ahead to welcome guests to share the gardens at La Herpiniere and look forward to seeing you soon! A bientot.

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